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Registration and Fees (2019-2020)

REGISTRATION has ended for the 2019-2020 season.

If you have questions please contact us via the website or at 

Thank You!

Registration Dates and Procedures:

We are required to present the roster to the Carlynton High School Athletic Director no later than 10 days before we start practice. We must maintain 70% of our athletes from within the Carlynton School District. Therefore, we will do registration in phases:

Phase 1 (8/26 - 9/08): In district swimmers ONLY.

Phase 2 (9/09 - 9/15): In district and RETURNING out-of-district swimmers.

Phase 3 (9/16 - 9/20): Everybody

Registration for out-of-district swimmers is granted on first come/first serve basis with preference given to those who have swam with us before. Please do NOT register before your date; the registration will be rejected and you will have to re-register. However, it's better for everyone if you register as soon as possible once your date arrives. 

I know that this sounds harsh, but it's the fairest way that we could think of to do the registrations and keep in compliance with district policy.

Finally, if you have any issues with the registration, please send us an email immediately. That email will constitute your "registration date" and we will set up a time to meet in person for you to complete your registration.

note: If you use the same email to register that you have used before, the system should 'find' any returning swimmers. Let us know if you have changes to names or email addresses so we can try to help minimize issues.

Fees and Payments:

The Basics:

The Carlynton Aqua Club charges a base of $75.00 per swimmer.

Families that have one or more non-Varsity swimmers have a club fee of an additional $275.00 per family, not per swimmer.

Any swimmer that lives outside of the Carlynton School District also has a $75.00 fee per swimmer.

The Details:

Long time Club families will recognize some changes here, made to streamline the whole process.

First, we have done away with all of the different "plans". This really just confused people and made things more difficult than they needed to be. 

  • Trial Swimmers: The fee for a trial swimmer was basically 1/3rd of the payment anyway, so now, if your trial swimmer doesn't like it (which rarely happens), notify us, and you will not pay the other two-thirds. If you are one of the few families that has both regular and "trial" swimmers and your trial swimmers decide not to continue, just talk to the board and we'll figure it out.
  • Junior Barracudas: Similar to the above. The only difference is that the program ends on 11/30/2019. Your swimmers can then "move up" by paying the second 1/3rd payment or be finished. (Swimming times remain slightly different, see Junior Barracudas page.)
  • Varsity: In the past we've offered different charges for Varsity swimmers. In some cases it was $100. In others it was $50. Turns out it was a pretty even split, so we just made it $75 like everybody else. Don't forget, if you only have Varsity swimmers, you do not pay the $275 Club Fee.
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