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Code of Conduct


Adopted 2008

All swimmers are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsman-like manner when participating in any and all Carlynton Aqua Club (CAC) activities.

Acceptable behaviors include:

1.Listening to the Coach’s instructions at all times. 

For example: No back-talking.

2.Respecting other swimmers during practice/warm-ups. 

For example: 

No jumping lines when swimming

No physical contact when swimming (hitting, touching,etc.)

3.Following pool rules and safety guidelines. 

For example:

No diving in the shallow end

No horseplay or running on the pool deck, hallways, gym or locker rooms

4.Respecting other persons and their property. 

For example:

No hitting, biting, punching, holding or physically harming another person or their property.

No name calling, taunting, bullying or using profanity.

These examples are not all inclusive. 

Special circumstances are subject to the same disciplinary action.

Swimmers and/or parents are to report behavior problems to a coach or board member immediately. Remember, corrective action cannot be taken unless the coach or board is notified of an incident.


First Offense: Verbal Correction by the Coach (and Time Outs as Needed). The first corrective step will be the coach talking one-on-one with the swimmer to discuss and correct the problem. The coach may also choose to use time outs when he/she deems such actions may help. The discussion (and, if applicable, time outs) will be noted in the swimmer’s record to document the nature of the problem and the corrective actions taken by the coach.

Second Offense: Dismissal from Practice Followed by a Meeting with Swimmer, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Coach. The second corrective step will be dismissal from practice. The swimmer will not be allowed to return to practice until the completion of a meeting with the coach, swimmer and parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss the behavior and corrective actions needed. Such actions may include the requirement that a parent attend all practices until such time that the swimmer demonstrates the ability to meet the CAC Swimmer’s Code of Conduct. Documentation of the meeting and agreed upon actions will be noted in the swimmer’s record. The board will be notified of the meeting and its outcome.

Third Offense: Dismissal from Practice Followed by a Meeting with Swimmer, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Board. The third corrective step will be immediate dismissal from practice and swimmer will not be allowed to return until the swimmer and parent(s)/guardian(s) meet with the board to discuss the situation. If a resolution to the situation cannot be found, the board may vote to dismiss the swimmer from the team.

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