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Competitive Swim

Don't let the name "Club" fool you. We compete, and we compete well. Our coaches, our board, our parents, and our swimmers, strive every day to get better. Swimmers learn both the technical aspects of the sport and the correct attitude to be a good sport. Part of that is learning to safely push themselves and follow coaching instruction.

1) The child must be able to swim 25 yards (the length of the pool) safely. This will be evaluated by our coaches and their word is final.

2) All children are expected to accept the directions of the coaches when either in the water or on the pool deck. Issues will be discussed with the parents and potentially the board. Repeated issues, such as constantly leaving the pool deck and hanging out in the bleachers, may result in the child being told to "hit the showers" and parents contacted for early pickup.

3) We understand that some parents, especially of older children, are perfectly comfortable leaving their child at practice. Normally there is no problem with this, but any parent who wishes to leave a child unattended must provide emergency contact information to the coaches. However, we do not recommend leaving younger children alone at practice.

4) Our coaches all have competitive swimming experience and many years of coaching under their belts. The safety of your child is of utmost importance to us with the second priority being to provide an environment for training and advancement in the sport. To that end, the coaches have final say on the deck and in the water. Concerns or questions around coaching decisions should be addressed to the coaches before or after practice. 

5) Questions or concerns about the club, league, or meets should be addressed to the board. You can either use the contact form provided on this site, or speak to a board member directly. 

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